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Shop is online!

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It finally works!

150 150 Petra Barzauner

Hello children!

Some Jokers thought it would be fun to enter our virtual fairy kingdom (twice) and ruffled everything.

Now I have good news:

The FUN-Site finally works!
There you find three colouring pictures to download.
Push, print and paint!

Have fun,



Slipped good?

150 150 Petra Barzauner

Hello, my dear friends!

I hope you slipped well into the new year?

I have to thank all of you, who helped with the “Snowflake-Campaign”. So we can enjoy the “white glory”.

Thanks to all, who wrote me an e-mail. I’m very glad about that. 🙂

I wish you all the best,


Merry Christmas!

150 150 Petra Barzauner

Hello, my dear friends!

Today Silbermund sent to all children who won the Christmas-Special,
the book “Lola Sternenblüte – Gib niemals auf!” (English: Lola Starryblossom – Never give up!”)
Congratulations to all.

I wish you the best!


Reading on

150 150 Petra Barzauner

Hello, my dear friends!

On Sunday morning the reading/interview with Petra Barazuner will be broadcasted on RADIO GREEN-WHITE (Radio Grün-Weiß). Petra was  once again on her way as fairy-storyteller.

Three books will be raffled during the broadcast.
A pre-Christmas present from the Silbermund Publishing Company.

That’s great!

Yours Lola


150 150 Petra Barzauner



Did you know, that Sarah Mars is working with me on volume two of Lola Starryblossom?

That’s pretty exciting. We will show you a little bit of the fairy kingdom, but we must not reveal too much – the fairy council is very strict in this things.

If you have any questions I’m here for you!

xoxo Lola



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